💚                                                   💖                                                      💙                                                                                          💙                                                    💖                                                      💙                      💚                                💚                                                                                       💚                                                    💙                                                    💖                            💙                          💖

The other day, I went to this great residential complex in Badalona, consisting of  9 apartment blocks that create alleys, public areas and the main central square. Since I discovered this place through Instagram, I’ve wanted to go here to see the amazing architecture with my own eyes and to take some pictures. It was built between 1966 and 1973 and the main architect is  F.J. Barba Corsini.

What attracts more attention is those big characteristic pillars in V form, the great height of the buildings, the concrete and the colours used for each area. Also, the complex overall is really damaged, although it preserves the charm after all.

Unfortunately, the light was pretty poor that day, because it was really cloudy. Still, I’m quite happy with the pictures.


💖                                                     💚                                                                  💙                   💚

💙                       💖                                                               💖                               💚

💖                                         💙                                          💚                                                💙

ps: if you find the pictures on this post too big, you can zoom out the page at, for example, 75 or 50 per cent.

ps2: the first two pictures are not from the residential complex, but from Badalona.



Location: Badalona.



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