🚗                                                   🚗                                                      🚗                                                                                          🚗                                                    🚗                                                      🚗                      🚗                                🚗                                                                                            🚗                                                    🚗                                                    🚗                             🚗                          🚗

On January 22nd me and my family grabbed the car and went to Besalú. On our way,we first stopped in one of Barcelona’s beaches, I’m pretty sure it was the Marbella beach. There was a strong wind that day and the waves were very high, so it was pretty impressive and we had to shoot some pictures. Later on, we stopped at the lake of Banyoles, this time for an hour or so. Although it was a cloudy and rainy day and everything looks gray, every landscape was beautiful in its own way. After taking pictures and enjoying the animals and the nature at Banyoles, we arrived at Besalú. Located at the province of Girona, in La Garrotxa, Besalú is an old town with historical and artistic importance. I absolutely love old towns, especially this one, and hopefully you’ll like it too through these few photographies.

🚗                                                       🚗                                                                  🚗                    🚗

🚗                        🚗                                                               🚗                                🚗

🚗                                           🚗                                           🚗                                                🚗

ps: if you find the pictures on this post too big, you can zoom out the page at, for example, 75 or 50 per cent.

ps2: the three B’s of the title respond to Banyoles, Besalú and a bit of Barcelona (the beach), in case you hadn’t worked it out yet 😉

ps3: me and my sister started a blog dedicated only to film photography, if you want to check it out it’d be super cool.

Location: Barcelona (beach), Llac de Banyoles, Besalú.



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