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I didn’t knew about this building until the beginning of this year. I started to see pictures on the internet of people doing fashion photoshoots or just capturing the beauty of this building and I loved it. I immediately decided I had to visit the Walden 7. This apartment block it’s from Ricardo Bofill and the original project consisted in a few more constructions, but for some reasons, only the main structure was built. The idea of this project was to create an utopic place to live, to construct a kind of vertical small town. Well, actually it isn’t very small; there are around one thousand neighbors living there, creating a big community.

If you want to know more about the Walden 7 you should watch this documentary from the nineties where you can see inside some of the apartments and know about the people that lived there known about waldenites.

🌟                                                         🌟                                                                    🌟        🌟

🌟                         🌟                                                                🌟                                🌟

ps: if you find the pictures on this post too big, you can zoom out the page at, for example, 75 or 50 per cent.


Location: Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona).




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