A Dove Couple

⚤                                                      ⚤                                                            ⚤

⚤                                                                     ⚤                                                  ⚤

Everyday for the last three months or so, a couple of collared doves come to my balcony to feed themselves. They do it in little containers filled with breadcrumbs and water, respectively, located on the railing of the balcony. When they are done with the drinking and eating, they go back to the trees to sleep, clean themselves or stay by each other side. Yesterday I decided I could take pictures of this adorable couple, so here you have. I personally think they are both really photogenic, don’t you?

⚤                                     ⚤                                                            ⚤

⚤                                                                               ⚤                                                            ⚤

ps: if you find the pictures on this post too big, you can zoom out the page at, for example, 75 or 50 per cent.


Location: Poble Sec (Barcelona).




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