A Peachy Baseball Cap

💮                                                       💮                                                            💮

💮                                                                       💮                                                  💮

Here you have Judit wearing a baseball cap she recently bought. It is of a baby pink colour with a super cute embroidery peach. We chose green-ish backgrounds for the cap to look aesthetically good, except for the bright blue parking door, of course. Unfortunately, it wasn’t sunny that day, so sorry if some pictures are a bit dark.

💮                                      💮                                                                    💮

💮                                                                                💮                                                             💮

ps: if you find the pictures on this post too big, you can zoom out the page at, for example, 75 or 50 per cent.


Location: La Selva del Camp (Tarragona).

On the pictures: Judit. (you can also see her here, here and here)



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