A Family Lunch

Last Saturday me and my family celebrated my uncle’s birthday. We went to a beautiful rented house in Peratallada, a tiny Catalan village in L’Empordà. The place was huge! There was a green field with some trees and a fenced pond and, because the weather was very hot and sunny, we had lunch outside. Then it was presents time. We gave my uncle, among other gifts, a homemade Memory game with pictures of my family and anything related to my uncle’s life. After that, some of my cousins played football, but I preferred to relax and take pictures. We left the house near 8 p.m. and saw the sun (from the car) setting among the clouds and the mountains. We all enjoyed the day very much and I really needed a day in the nature.

ps: if you find the pictures on this post too big, you can zoom out the page at, for example, 75 or 50 per cent.


Location: Peratallada, (Girona).

On the pictures: my family.


(by Marina)



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